Does Baking Soda Whiten Teeth?

The quick answer is...Yes. This is attributed to the abrasive particles in the grains. Stains produced by coffee, black tea or the use of tobacco produce grey and yellowish stains that remain attached to the tooth if not cared properly. But the question is How can I use baking soda in a proper way? People used to clean their teeth using pulverized stone or salt. The problem was that by the only use of baking soda, it does not work as a whitening method. Later on the use of baking soda became more popular in thooth paste along with hydrogen peroxide.

These type of products are so abrasive that if used as a regular basis it can damage the tooth enamel and in some cases it can produce tooth sensivity. Some people suggest that using the tooth once every 2 weeks works just fine. But if you really are thinking of whitening your teeth by yourself, ask your dentist before which and what is the best long term solution without compromising your teeth health.