Removable Partial Dentures (Cast Metal)

This are one of the first methods used to replace the missing teeth in certain areas of the mouth. Some people say that originally they were made of silver and gold.

Due to the versatility of the materials used to make the partials, it was possible for the dentist to mold the metal according to his needs, covering the areas that were missing some pieces and attaching the metal structure with some clasps to the remaining teeth.

It is worth to mention that the partial is not in contact with the gum on the areas where we are missing some teeth, because the gum have the characteristic of resorb. For that reason and with the study of the different metals available for oral use, it was discovered a material that allowed the frames to be thinner (less noticeable for the tongue) but at the same time strong and flexible. The metal alloy is called Chrome Cobalt.

There are different techniques to make this frames, other are flexible and finally what matters is what is best according to the needs of the patient. We will discuss some of them in the next posts.